Do you require a meet & greet?

     All new clients must complete a meet and greet with designated pet sitter/dog walker in your home with all of your pet(s).   This gives you the opportunity to meet the person who will be in your home and working with your pets.  We will analyze your pets temperament and you will be able to provide all the in person details to properly care for your home and your pet.    Our meet and greet price is $20.00 but you will receive a credit of $20.00 towards your first booked services.  

How do I contact my pet sitter?

     You can call the office 24 hours a day and leave a message for your sitter.   You can also contact the sitter through your online account or app, directly on each visit.   We will send text after each visit. You will receive an electronic journal after each visit as well.  

What vaccinations do you require?

     We require all pets to have current rabies vaccinations and licenses(when applicable by law).  

Do you socialize dogs? 

    To keep everyone safe and to avoid confrontation we do not socialize dogs during walks/visits.

Billing and Payments:   
     Dog Walking Services will be billed weekly or monthly (your choice) in advance of your requested services.   The invoices will be sent 7 days before the beginning of visits.   All invoices will be charged that day as well.   If you have any questions about your invoice please contact us.  Discounts will apply automatically for services that meet the discount criteria.

     Pet Sitting Services will be charged a deposit totaling 50% (100% for Holidays) of pet sit, a month prior to pet sit or as soon as it is booked.  The remaining balance will be charged 7 before services start when weekly billing is completed.

     Pet Taxi Services will be charged when booked.
Checks can be mailed to Uptown Girls Pet Care Services, 620 Gelpi Avenue, Jefferson LA. 70123

UGPCS does not offer refunds for cancelled services.   If service is cancelled that meets the cancellation policy, UGPCS will apply a credit to the client’s account for future services. UGPCS will issue a refund in the event your pet(s) become deceased before or during service periods.  

Last minute scheduling  any visits scheduled twelve (12) hours or less may receive a $5 last minute fee and any visits scheduled six (6) hours or less may receive a $10 last minute fee.  


Holiday Fees:  

Please understand that our pawspitality experts are taking time away from their family, pets, and friends during holidays to make sure you can go and enjoy your time with family and friends and not have to worry about your pets.

Additional Fees may apply on the following holidays/special occasions:*

New Years Eve $10 per visit 
New Years Day $10 per visit 

Mardi Gras Day:  $10.00 per visit

Memorial Day $10 per visit

Independence Day $10 per visit 

Labor Day $10.00 per visit

Thanksgiving Day $10 per visit

Christmas Eve $10 per visit

Christmas Day $10 per visit

Easter $10.00 per visit

Mothers Day $10.00 per visit

Fathers Day $10.00 per visit

*We reserve the right to charge this nominal fee for these special occasions.

Cancellation Policy:

varies based on service.

Dog Walks (Non Holiday) 
Cancelled 24 hours in advance, full cancellation no charge.
Cancelled less than 24 hours to 6 hours before visit, 50% of the cancelled visit will be charged.
Cancelled less than 6 hours before visit, the full visit will be charged. 

Pet Sitting (Non-Holiday which are times for which the holiday surcharge is NOT assessed):
If your confirmed reservation total is UNDER $150, the cancellation fee is $50.
If your confirmed reservation total is OVER $150, the cancellation fee is 50% of your job total.

Holiday periods (times for which the holiday surcharge is assessed):  Any confirmed reservation during a holiday period which is subsequently cancelled is charged a cancellation fee totaling 50% of the confirmed reservation amount.  Any confirmed reservation that falls during the following dates:  the week of Thanksgiving, December 20 through January 2 that are cancelled will be charged a cancellation fee totaling 100% of the confirmed reservation amount.  

A $5 service charge is applied for each time your card is declined.  


*We reserve the right to not charge cancellation as well.

Do you have insurance?  Are you bonded?

     Yes, documentation of this can be provided upon request.

What are your office hours?

We do maintain an office but are not always in the office.

Service Hours Daily: 

Office Hours by email and Phone: 
Monday  8am-8pm
Tuesday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm

Phones and email will be monitored all other times. Emergencies will receive immediate responses.  For everything else, we will respond sporadically or on the next business day.



What services do you offer? 

     We offer a range of services from mid-day dog walks/visits, weekend visits, cat sitting, pet sitting, overnight pet sitting, and more.  You can see our list and rates on our Services page.

What areas do you service? 

     We service the entire Metro New Orleans area.

Do you offer cat sitting? 

     Yes, we offer 30 or 45 minute visit for cat sitting and we must visit your cat(s) at least once within a 24 hour period from the day you leave until the day you return. 

What are your pet sitting options?

     We offer In-client home pet sitting and In-client home overnight pet sitting    For more info on these options please visit our Services page.

How many keys do you require? How do you keep my keys safe?

     We ask for at least 2 sets to keep on hand. 

For your safety no keys are labeled with addresses.  Each key has its own dedicated number for tracking purposes.    

Your main sitter will keep a copy and we will keep a copy locked up in our office in a non-disclosed location.


Can I just leave keys under the mat or my door unlocked?

     This is not safe for anyone, therefore we must have access to your home by either pre-arranged key, lock box or door code.

How do you make sure your sitters are completing visits and completing for the length requested?

     Each of our sitters is equipped with software that tracks when and where they check in to each visit and for how long.  You can follow the sitter on their visit through our app.  After each visit you will receive an electronic journal that will show a map of the sitters visit.   

If sitter does not check into a visit during the visits time frame, we are alerted immediately so we can step in should a situation arise.  Its very important to us that your pets are well cared for.   

​You can also request text messages and electronic journals at each visit.  Offering you as the client more comfort in knowing that your pet received the care you requested.

Can the sitter call, text, email me after a visit?  Can they leave me a note?
     Yes, you can request this on any visit.  You will also receive an electronic journal after each of your visits.  

How many dogs do you walk at one time? 

     Our services are per-client services.   We will only walk the dog(s) on your account with requested service at time of visit.  We do not pack walk.

Do you take last minute requests?

     We do the best we can to accommodate all last minute needs for current clients. Any visits scheduled twelve (12) hours or less may receive a $5 last minute fee and any visits scheduled six (6) hours or less may receive a $10 last minute fee. 

Have your sitters passed a criminal background check?

     All of our sitters have completed and passed a background check by: PetPro Check

What are your leash requirements?    

     Uptown Girls Pet Care Services will no longer be using Retractable leashes in an effort to keep your pets and our sitters safe. 

Retractable leashes are one of the number 1 causes of lost pets.   We ask that you please provide a non retractable leash for our visits.  


We never walk dogs off-leash.

Are you hiring? 

     Yes we are always looking for animal loving mid day dog walkers, pet sitters, and overnight pet sitters.

If you know someone who is great with animals, responsible,  someone you would trust in your home and with your pets.  We would love to hear from them. 

We are happy to apply a thank you credit to your account for anyone you refer that joins our team and sticks with us.*

For more information or to apply please email us at


What are your Emergency Management Policies?

Hurricane season runs from June to November of each year, but storms can form at any time. In the event a hurricane watch or warning is issued, sitters will need to secure their own homes, families and pets. Sitters will do all they can to make client's pets comfortable, however, clients should have a plan for securing their home and property.


Keep in mind that sitters will be unable to reach clients during or after a storm, and will resume services once conditions are safe. We recommend clients plan ahead and select one of the following three (3) courses of action.

Client is responsible for making arrangements in the event of natural disasters. If a hurricane warning is issued, Sitters will do all they can to make your pets comfortable, but Clients should have a plan for securing their home and property. Client realizes that we will not provide services until conditions allow us to reach your home safel




Plan 1. Emergency Caretaker Pick-Up (Best Option)

  • We will secure your home to the best of our ability, but ask clients to make such arrangements.

  • We will contact your emergency caretaker and arrange pet pick-up for the duration of the storm.

  • After the storm is over and roads are passable, we will check on your home to see if it's habitable. If your home is inhabitable, we will follow-up with your emergency caretaker regarding your pet's well-being and drop-off.

  • *Please note: If pet transport services are provided, charges will apply for each trip we make to emergency caretaker.



Plan 2. We Transport Pet to Vet or Boarding Facility

  • We will secure your home to the best of our ability, but ask clients to make such arrangements.

  • We will contact your vet or boarding facility and make arrangements to drop-off pet(s) for the duration of the storm.

  • After the storm is over and roads are passable, we will check on your home to see if it's habitable. If your home is inhabitable, we will follow-up with your vet/boarding facility and arrange for pet pick-up.

  • *Please note: Pet transport charges will apply for each trip we make to vet/boarding facility. IMPORTANT: Please leave your credit card on file at the vet/boarding facility or make other payment arrangements with the facility ahead of time. Additionally, find out ahead of time what your vet/boarding facility requires before drop-off (proof of vaccinations, crates, food, etc).



Plan 3. Pet Remains in Your Home

  • We will secure your home to the best of our ability, but ask clients to make such arrangements.

  • We will secure your pet in a room or crate for the duration of the storm.

  • After the storm is over and roads are passable, we will continue scheduled care. No visits will be made during a storm.

  • *Please note: Credit given for missed visits. Extra charges may apply for any extended visit time necessary at your home prior to and after a storm. IMPORTANT: Uptown Girls Pet Care, LLC is not responsible for any damage done to your home by a hurricane or other natural disaster.



We recommend that clients obtain the following as a Pet Emergency Kit:

  • Three - seven days worth of food and water

  • Pet's medical records, medicines, and current vaccinations

  • First aid kit

  • Extra leashes & collars

  • Toys and other items to occupy pet(s)

  • A sturdy, safe & comfortable pet carrier for your pet(s)

  • Trash bags, mops, newspapers, paper towels, other cleaning supplies

  • The emergency care of birds, reptiles & small animals require special consideration.